Meet our Pastor


Pastor Stephen Singleton

Pastor Singleton is a native of Charleston, South Carolina who was inspired by the Spirit of God to begin this ministry in the year 2010.    He preaches and teaches for understanding and spiritual growth.  If you want to understand the message of the Bible, his teaching and preaching will certainly help with that.  He teaches and preaches for understanding.  

Pastor Singleton believes that the "showmanship" of traditional preaching missed the goal of the gospel.   He believes that we are not to be entertained with preaching, but we are to be enlightened and enhanced by the message of the gospel. 

He is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and Southern Methodist University.  Pastor Singleton has over twenty five years of pastoral experience.       That experience translates into ministry that uplifts and inspires without the phony trappings of manipulation.   Every time he preaches or teaches, there is a message for everyone.  

We believe that we have a message for you.   Come out see for yourself. 

Contact the pastor


Phone: 803-318-7155

Traditional mail:

P.O. Box 211962

Columbia, SC 29221