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The O-D-F-E-W is an acronym for who we are and what we do.


Each month, our members are engaged in ministry to help others and show the love of God to the community.  Feeding  the homeless, and nurturing children are just two of our ongoing ministries. We are simply following the example of Jesus.


Your relationship with Jesus Christ is of the upmost importance.  We offer ministries to help you grow as a Christian.  We feature individual ministries for children, women and men.  We teach the word of God and the values of Christianity for personal growth.


We have several programs and events to promote unity within the body of Christ.  We want our members and friends to enjoy socializing with each other.  We enjoy great fellowship without compromising our Christian values. 


We spread the gospel message to assist people in coming to Jesus Christ.   It is no secret that people are seeking a more meaning in life, and we know that can be found when we become a member of the body of Christ.


We feature a contemporary worship style that encourages joy and celebration as we honor God through song and praise.